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Apartheid Museum

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Johannesburg, South Africa
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English Commentary Tour

9:30 AM

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General Information About This Tour

Today South Africans of different races can mix and do the same things together; sports, tours, work, in hotels, buses trains, planes, etc. During the apartheid era whites, blacks, Indians, coloureds, etc could not mix. The system could not allow that. In this tour the museum tells it exactly how the apartheid system divided the people – a very emotional but interesting place worthy visiting.

The Apartheid Museum illustrates the rise and fall of apartheid system. The exhibits are from film footages, photographs, text panels and artifacts illustrating the events and human stories that are part of the epic saga, known as apartheid. A series of 22 individual exhibition areas takes the visitor through a dramatic emotional journey that tells a story of a state sanctioned system based solely on racial discrimination.

For anyone wanting to understand and experience what South Africa was really like, a visit to the Apartheid Museum is essential. The museum is a beacon of hope showing the world how South Africa is coming to terms with the past and working towards a future that all South African’s can call their own.




R1600 Per person (single)
R1200 Per person sharing (min 2)